Love and respect

We started this project to create products we were proud of, to build a brand in which the objective were not about chasing for trends, but rather to create a label that could be a vehicle for change, focused on people and sustainability, working with respect for traditions and the environment.

Caboclo began back in 2005 in Barcelona –Spain, with the goal to produce beautiful and high-quality leather shoes, working hand in hand with craftsmen from a region called Cariri in northeast of Brazil, a place with a precious artisanal background, a heritage passed through generations.

We consider the people and the process.Performing in a more responsible and sustainable level, Caboclo is about empowering, pride, dignity and hope, values that we believe feeds the cycle of construction and promotion of regional cultures.


With the objective of rescuing regional culture, our mode of ethical production is through working closely with small, independent artisans to help grow their businesses and production capabilities, trying to maintain the production as manual as possible, valuing the hands, the time and care. Our productive capacity is not high, but we consider this as a value. We are also worried about making products with low environmental impact, using recycled tires, natural tanned leather and much love.


We believe that the mixes between elements of specific cultures are relevant to generate originality and beauty. With a minimal and natural aesthetic, the brand creates transcendental objects that pay incredible attention to detail, resulting in unique and limited handcrafted high-quality leather shoes that never lose their value and which you’ll love to wear for years to comeC