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NAGUISA (næˈgiːza), in japanese: the pattern the surf of the sea draws on the shoreline. I was born in the summer of 2012 on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, the result of the union between product designer Claudia Pérez Polo and architect Pablo Izquierdo López. We mapped out a route with a clear destination to which we stuck tenaciously: to give life to beautiful shoes that would adapt to each person’s feet. Because what’s the point of having pretty shoes if you can’t walk in them? We navigated the immense ocean of handmade manufacturing and found a great ally in jute. The goal then became a little more challenging: to revive this strong, natural material, giving it a beautiful shape and making it utterly functional. Completely committed to this option, the way in which the shoes were received was tremendously exciting. Naguisa is now present in over 20 countries thanks to the women around the world who have shown us, ever since we set sail on this adventure, that we are not alone as we cross the high seas and that they are absolutely on board with this opportunity to wear comfortable, distinguished shoes. In step with real life; in step with tradition and modernity.

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